CANADA's Postmaster General William Mulock,  not only lobbied for the
Imperial Penny Post 
but was also responsible for  initiating
The Imperial Ocean Penny Post
which materialized as the:

in 1898 


Elhi Burritt an American Blacksmith who travelled around the world extolling the benefit of Penny Post for the working man.

 Examples of the various envelopes lobbying for an Ocean Penny Post that Burritt had printed and distributed world-wide at his own expense are exhibited here. It must be remembered that envelopes were a rare and expensive commodity in the period of time when paper was more expensive than the average hourly rate of pay, and were even more expensive than some employee's daily pay.

Shortly after the Penny Post came into effect for 
Britain's Colonies
the United States immediately followed suit.

Henniker Heaton an English Lord who lobbied the British Parliament, The British aristocrats as well as the Royal Prince Albert to support the Lobby for a Penny Post to encourage greater use of the mails. The message was that high postal rates forced lesser usage of the Mails.