Amidst the controversy about obtaining a reduction for Ocean Traffic mail - Canada's Postmaster General, William Mulock became impatient. Acting unilaterally he introduced a Bill in the Canadian Legislature that effectively created a 3 cent stamp for mail abroad.

When the matter was brought up in the British Legislature, the British vetoed the action, and insisted on being reimbursed for the deficiency on all the 3 cent mail received from Canada. The method used to recharge for the misdemeanour was the fact that the national body, or the UPU had not approved the rate.

Sanford Fleming, the artist of Canada's first stamp, compiled the 3 Cent essay entitled at the bottom
          "Design for a British Empire Postage Stamp" and dated it "June 21,1898" The British Government vetoed the action and required that Canada repay the deficiency for all the mail that was sent for 3 cents instead of 5 cents.