Once the Map Stamp began circularizing around the globe there were persons in the Global Village who wished to emulate the Stamp's design.

Some of those are featured here in the attached pages.


This Postcard was produced commercially for use in Australia and the South Pacific. Its purpose was to promote the cable that was sunk in the Pacific Ocean.When this cable was linked with the Atlantic cable, the cables linked all of the British Colonies worldwide. The two Canadians,  William Mulock & Sanford Fleming were the primary promoters of this fabulous accomplishment.

The cables were ultimately replaced by the Internet.

The Pan American

This exhibition was very much  an early  EXPO-67. The prime purpose being to promote the America's, North & South. It was held in Buffalo and was 4 years in the making, finally happening in 1901. This particular stamp was copyrighted in 1899 as a means to advertise the  event to attract the residents to Buffalo. Envelopes bearing this stamp are not plentiful but are interesting.


The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.

This organization established its roots  in England in the 1700's The society, working through missionaries and various church organizations continued to spread the gospel among many countries worldwide until 1965. It merged  with The African Society for the Propogation of The Gospel. The stamp was produced in 1925, depicting its various missions around the globe.