The Following Volumes contain Excellent Reference Material 

The Canadian Map Stamp
a Plating Study

This book by Whit Bradley was the initial and only reference manual for both the Map Stamp plating student and expert alike. The attraction of this fabulous treatise on plating the MAP stamp is that the hundreds  of illustrations  depicting the multitude of examples that are extant within the Stamp itself are all hand drawn by the author. Having drawn all the examples, he then compiled all of the text that adorn the pages. It is a must for anyone interested in this study of the stamp.

118 - Pages  - 1989

The Canadian Map Stamp of 1898

Frederick Tomlinson's 1960 book on the Map Stamp is a wonderful little handbook , (47 pp's)and a delight for the person who is interested in the stamp, and wants to learn a little more. It is not a treatise but an introduction to the topic. It is even more fascinating by virtue of the fact that Tomlinson wrote this  book in England, and worked entirely from material he was able to find in that country,  and even more fascinating that it was complied in the era of post-war U.K. It is also fascinating that many of his stats are still the basis for opinions today.

  Evolution of the Imperial Penny Postage and The Postal History of The Canadian 1898 Map Stamp

In this 1982book, Ron Winmill  compiled a complete synopsis of  every fascinating aspect of the reason why many people become attracted to the Map Stamp. There are examples of the various features encountered in the usage and cancellation of the stamp as well as many covers that display the items. The schedules depicting frequency and recurrence of cancels is also a unique and very fascinating study to peruse.