To provide some insight into this topic there are a few examples of various re-entries in the following sketches. The reference excerpts are from the Whitney Bradley publication as set out below.

Please note that these are preliminary examples and will be updated  at future dates.

The exhibits above illustrate some of the re-entries which can be found on the various stamps within the Plates which were noted on the previous page. To determine which stamp one may be viewing at any point of time, one will need to make reference to the various texts that provide details of stamps in the various locations.

There are two publications that one may view to assist in this endeavour. Both of these publications are available from BNAPS. The earliest of these publications was the one completed by Whitney L. Bradley in 1989 and is entitled: The Canadian Map Stamp of 1898- A Plating Study. The other publication is published in four volumes, was completed by by Kenneth A. Kershaw & Roger Boisclair in 2004  and is entitled The Canadian Christmas Map Stamp of 1898, A Definitive1Plating Study, Vol. 1-4. The latter publication comes in both Colour and Black & White. 

For reference on the publications please go to the reference site