The Canadian Map Stamp of 1898 - This publication was a compilation of articles which appeared in BNA Topics in                      1983-84 . The articles had all been written by Frederick Tomlinson, FCPS resident Canterbury, England

The Evolution of Imperial Penny Postage and The Postal History of The Canadian 1898 Map Stamp
            this book was written by  Ron B. Winmill and published by Jim A. Hennock in 1982 and still remains as                              the broadest and most informative of the books in print.
The Imperial Penny Postage of 1898 - this publication was donated by Fred Fawn to the BNAPS collection of books on                  the topic of the Map Stamp and as described by the author is a publication about his International Gold                                  medal winning collection of Map Stamp material.

The Canadian Map Stamp of 1898 - a Plating Study. This book details all that is required by the interested student of the               4 plates which had been used to print the Map Stamp. It represents a lifelong study and effort by the author,                    Whit Bradley who was also the force behind the organization of the Map Stamp Study Group in 1989. The author               not only typed all of the written content in the book, but also drew the more than two thousand illustrations                         contained therein.

 The Canadian Christmas Map Stamp of 1898, A Definitive Plating Study, Vols. 1-4. This is a companion series to the Bradley publication and is published in four volumes. The series was completed by by Kenneth A. Kershaw & Roger Boisclair in 2004, and is available through the BNPAPS book site. It is more detailed than Bradley's in some respects, and has the separate volume respecting the Mystery 4th Plate.