The deadline for printing the stamp was very rigid, as the design was approve at the end of November and the stamp had to be printed by the 2nd of December, which allowed for only ten days to produce the printing plate.  The order was delivered on the 24th of November, 1898 specifying - 20 million stamps in sheets of 100.    
100,000 sheets with Green Oceans  &
           100,000 sheets with Blue Ocean.
This production was the first ever Stamp order with 3 different colours, thus requiring 3 different plates

  - a Black Plate,   a Red Plate and a Blue Plate

The Colour Variants

The actual printing  began in December of 1898 and continued throughout 1899, with the final stamps being delivered in December 1899.
There were 4 Black plates use to print the 200,000 sheets of Black, and 2 Red Plates to print the red portion of the stamps. It is presumed that the blue oceans required only 1 plate, although there was no mention of this within the archives of the printing company.
In total there were 9 colours of blue oceans identified . The green oceans eventually were coloured Lavender,
of which there were 4 shades  
while there were 5 shades of the Blue oceans.