The recorded delivery of the Printed Sheets from the printer,  America Bank Note , to the Post Office provide an interesting insight as to how the stamps were used among the various varieties of postal stamps printed at the same time. There were 3 ledger sheets used to track "The Vaster Stamp" which was the code used by the printers to ID "The Map Stamp". The first sheet in the ABN ledger archives was the actual "Order Form" sheet which was followed by 2 further ledger sheets which recorded the actual stamps as they left the printer's Plant for delivery to the Postal Headquarters, from which, the sheets of stamps, were then shipped to the various regional offices.

The delivery record sets out the number of sheets of 100 stamps delivered. The  first page of the delivery sheet commences Dec 2/'98 which records delivery of 100, which was 10,000 stamps. Since the stamps were in sheets of 100, there were 100X100=10,000. These stamps were delivered on December 2, 1898 which was a Friday. There were no further deliveries until Tuesday December 6th. Subsequent deliveries were made daily except for Sundays until the 24th of December. Further deliveries were then made on the 27th, 28,29,30 & 31st. In total there were 30,600 stamps or 306 sheets of stamps delivered in December 1898 and 690 sheets or 69,000 stamps delivered in January 1899. By the end of April 1899 there had been 122,100 sheets of stamps delivered. Deliveries were then made monthly as required except for July  when none were delivered. There was a tremendous push for deliveries in November and December to finish the order with a 6 deliveries of 5,000 sheets of stamps in each delivery and the order was completed by December 12, 1899, with 19,997,500 stamps delivered in total. This was 2,500 sheets of stamps or a shortfall of 250,000 stamps from the original order for 20 million stamps.
The Victoria Numeral Issues (76,77 ) as well as 2c Provisionals were also available for two cent postage during the same time as the Map Stamp was in use.